The Best DIY Facial to Soothe Your Sensitive Skin

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Lately, we’ve all been spending a little--(a lot) extra time indoors. Between daily stressors, hormonal changes, and environmental aggressors, sensitive skin could use a little extra TLC.  

So put on your favorite tunes, and show your skin some love following our expert tips below for the ultimate Soothing DIY Facial. 

You always want to begin your facial with a clean slate.

 Melt the stress away with our Petal Soft Cleansing Balm. This ultra-creamy formula won’t clog pores or strip your skin barrier as it effortlessly removes all traces of makeup, dead skin, and debris from the day.

For sensitive skin, you’ll want to choose a mask that has calming and nourishing ingredients to support the acne-fighting, pore-clearing ones.

Earth Mother gently detoxifies the skin, using all-natural Activated Charcoal & Kaolin Clay. To prevent dryness and redness, Earth Mother contains a calming blend of chamomile, avocado, spearmint, and jojoba oils. Seaweed extract brings down inflammation caused by acne, Rosacea, and hormonal imbalance visible on the sensitive skin.

You may not be able to do this with your ‘bod at the gym, but you certainly can with your face from home.

We’re talking about steaming + toner.

While you have Earth Mother working her magic, fill a bowl with hot water + a few drops of our limited edition Organic Perfume Oil, and position yourself over the bowl.

The steam allows the skin to soften, and the pores to decongest without having to irritate your sensitive skin by popping pimples.

hydrating toner

Once you’ve rinsed away the mask, use Bright Side Balancing Toner to remove excess debris and restore hydration and resilience to the skin barrier.

amareta toner bright side

To perfect + protect all the work you just finished with your facial, you’ll want to lock in hydration with something gentle. Skin Lullaby (Unscented) is your post-facial must have, containing botanical flower extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, and restorative superfoods to swaddle your skin in deep, anti-aging hydration.

If you’re facing extreme dryness from eczema or psoriasis, mix a few drops of Tender Care Organic Oil in with the moisturizer to heal and protect chapped skin.


Bonus Tips for EXTRA TLC:


  1. When applying Skin Lullaby, massage the cream into the skin with gentle circular motions to increase circulation, and aid lymphatic drainage. Skin will visibly become less red, de-puffed, and brighter.


  1. Body bumps are a bother. Moon Light Gel Cleanser double-duties. Lather on targeted areas to detox and tone with lemon peel bio-ferment and soothing cucumber oil. Natural vitamin C helps to alleviate hormonal hyperpigmentation. See ya, dark spots.

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