Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom + Baby


Breastfeeding has benefits far beyond common knowledge... 

Nutritional and emotional is just the beginning

For Mom

Helps to lower your risk for breast and ovarian cancers.

Studies have shown healthy moms who choose to breastfeed suffer less from breast and ovarian cancers later in life.

Helps you help the environment.

Dairy cows are utilized, in part, for the formulation of baby formula. By choosing to breastfeed, you’re decreasing your impact on carbon footprint. Go mom! 

Helps you to shed pregnancy lbs.

Mothers who breastfeed can burn up to 400 extra calories per day! Pumping breast milk is an exercise in and of itself.


breastfeeding monthFor Baby


Contains healthy enzymes for a happy tummy.

Breast milk is incredibly nourishing for your little one. A mother’s natural breast milk provides lipase, amylase and protease to break down essential macronutrients and build the foundation for a healthy gut in the future.

 May make vaccinations more effective.

Studies have shown breastfed babies have an improved antibody response to vaccinations when compared to formula-fed.

 May help prevent childhood + adult obesity.

Mothers who breastfeed are intuitively more in-sync with satiety signals from their children. Being close with baby helps you to know when they’re full, and avoid overfeeding.

For Both

Fosters a closer relationship.
Breastfeeding your little one is an intimate, bonding ritual for both mom and baby. If you’re looking for a little extra TLC, our Tender Care Soothing Breast Oil is nursing-safe and creates a calming ritual for you and baby.
Cultivates friendships.
Nursing moms have more chances to bond with other moms, studies have shown. From talking about parenting tips, to nursing together, breastfeeding is an amazing opportunity to pursue friendship.
Gives dad bottle-breaks.
Parenting can take an energetic-toll on both parents. While you get some quality time with baby, dad can take (short) breaks from daddy-duties.

Breast Oil Amareta Tender Care

In celebration of the Breast-feeding Awareness Month, we'd like to hear your personal story of breastfeeding, or choice of not to breastfeed - breastfeeding awareness is not to shame moms who don't do so- it is never anyone's place to judge a mom who chooses not to breastfeed. Together, we can make breastfeeding that's celebrated, supported and normalized

- Claire, AMARETA Founder 

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