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Regardless of skin type, the transition from winter to spring is one of the most important times for skincare. When associating menstrual cycle with season, spring represents Day 7-13 of cycle, pre-ovulation period, it embodies new beginnings and new starts. Spring is the best time to revamp your skincare routine. Here are some beauty tips for this spring:

Hydrate and switch from oil-based moisturizer to water-based serum

"Hydrate and switch from oil-based moisturizer to water-based serum. As the temperature starts to rise, spring can be a dry season in many regions. Get as much H2O as you can.

Switching to lighter and hydrating products is also key. Switch out heavy oil-based moisturizer for lighter water-based hydrating serum. Skin care that contains natural hyaluronic acids would be a great choice, such as Fresh Dew - this product is for everyone who is looking for a product that provides long-lasting hydration without a greasy finish." 

Our founders shared this beauty tip with STYLECASTER this month, read full interview and article here.
Cleanse and Detoxify
Spring is a great time to clear-out products from beauty stash, throw out products that are expired, give beauty tools and brushes some deep cleaning. It's also a good time for skin detoxification - our Earth Mother Detoxifying Charcoal Mask uses natural power of active charcoal and helps draw out the buildup of impurities, toxins and oils for clearer complexion. 


Spring is the best time to add exfoliation as part of the cleansing routine. Exfoliation can help slough away dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, which could make your skin look dull. Petal Soft Cleansing Balm works wonders, it melts away makeup and impurities, without beeswax, Petal Soft leaves skin feel clean and supple! 

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