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Meet The Rag — Teen Vogue's first-ever period toolkit delivered right to your doorstep for $24.99.

Back in the day, when someone said they were “on the rag,” it meant they were menstruating. Why? Because it literally described how people managed their periods when there were no options for period products.

Now, times have changed and you have way more options than you probably realize. And when I say options, I don’t just mean the latest technology in blood management, though there will be plenty of that, too. Think beyond the blood about what it means to fit your period needs. Imagine a life where menstruating means being extra-nice to yourself because surfing the crimson tide is an adventure for the mind, body, and soul, baby.

I’m not going to tell you to love your period, but I am going to tell you to love using your period as an excuse to treat yourself. Sure, predictably (or randomly) bleeding from your crotch can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, painful, and sometimes traumatic. But it’s also totally natural, which means you can’t help but have every right to do whatever it takes to make yourself feel like the diamond you are.

That’s what it really means to be on the rag. Check out the products I've picked out just for you, and place your order here

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