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After trying Amareta's hormonal acne collection for about 28 day, NewBeauty's editor Tatiana Bido wrote:

"Enter Amareta, a skin care brand customized to each stage of the hormonal cycle and developed specifically to treat skin during your menstrual cycle, pregnancy or breastfeeding. The brand credits the lack of “hormone-disruptive chemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, harsh acne-treatment ingredients or questionable plant extracts” as the reason its products work to keep your skin balanced and clear during the typical 28-day cycle. I had nothing to lose, so I committed to trying it for a month to see if this natural, gentle approach would work in fighting those pesky period pimples that held my face hostage for weeks at a time.

For me, hormonal acne typically occurs a few days or a week before menstruation due to the increase in progesterone and testosterone levels, so I started using the products two weeks before I expected to see any breakouts pop up. I stuck with a routine, cleansing with the Petal Soft Cleansing Balm ($68), toning with the Brightside Balancing Toner ($42) and hydrating with the Pure Peace Clarifying Serum ($52). All products are designed to tighten pores and control sebum production to prevent breakouts, and are free of harsh ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide...


One day, unceremoniously, I looked in the mirror and realized I had gone an entire month without a single pimple popping up. The best products are always the ones that you can effortlessly incorporate into your life and they do what they say they do. Couple this with the promise and clear, glowing skin all month long, and it’s easy to see why I continue my Amareta skin care regime before and after the arrival of Aunt Flo, long past my one month experiment. "

Read the entire review of the month long experiment here.

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